Friday, December 19, 2008

On this day one year ago....

I was thinking about life's cycles.

My husband reminded me that even nature goes through a renewal period. Now is the "death" in nature and Spring brings rebirth.

Then, I caught Will Smith on Oprah and he said basically the same thing. That we think of life in a straight line of birth, life, death. But we should see it as a circle where those three things keep repeating. We experience death of people, death of old habits, etc. and must use them as a chance to recreate.

I remember going through a dark time like this last year and was trying to find it in my blog. I ran into this post from last year.

I know that my life's work is hard, yet fulfilling. But I must find time for renewal BEFORE I experience the feeling of loss/death. I can't keep waiting until my tank is on "E" before I refuel.

I am worthy of a break.

I am worthy of pampering.

I am worthy of the best in life.

I am capable of achieving great things.

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clnmike said...

Yes you are worthy to it all.