Thursday, December 25, 2008

Love isn't love until you've given it away...

The key to friendship to me is to always show as much love and kindness to each other as you can because you never know when you'll need a favor and you don't want anyone second guessing whether to help you or vice versa.

I have some INCREDIBLE friends and when I think of them I thought of that song from Commissioned (start at 3:00 if you don't have 5 minutes). 

On Tuesday my husband a daughter left to go out West to visit his family. They won't be back for several weeks. I several dates scheduled with friends and I'm cooking for a couple of them and one invited me to share New Year's Eve with her and all of family that is here and coming in from Chicago.

Well, on Tuesday evening I slipped and fell on some ice in front of my house. I hurt myself so bad that I initially thought I couldn't get up, but then I focused and got back into the house.

When I fell I was on my way to pick up a book on CD because the library was closing and wouldn't reopen until Friday. To me that was important since I'd be home all day today alone and I planned to sew and wanted to listen to a book. I called a family friend around the corner and he not only went to the library for me, but he stood there reading titles until I picked one. He also came and sprinkled salt down in case someone came by that night (because it was in the 50's on Wednesday).

The next morning I called my friend who luckily lives down the street and even luckier for me (since I don't have medical insurance) is an M.D. who practices internal medicine. She listened to my symptoms went to the drug store, got what I needed, came over and gave my knee a REAL exam (almost punched her when she put me on the couch and began manipulating it, LOL) and even brought me a Christmas card, LOL!

The best feeling was that I didn't feel funny calling them. I don't sit around thinking "Hmmm, who owes me?" but because of the love we share all the time, I felt that these were the people who I could call without really inconveniencing them and "testing" our friendship.

During this season, give some love with those gifts!

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