Thursday, November 27, 2008

Taking nothing for granted...

On this day of Thanks I saw this story in the NYTimes about a settlement with food stamp recipients who had been illegally denied benefits.

Speaking of one woman, the article said, "Now she is planning on buying a turkey to share with her son, something she had not done in two years because, she said, 'it takes half the monthly allowance to buy the groceries for that one meal.'"

I know the feeling. Less than two years ago we had to get food from the food pantry and this year I spent over $180 for food on Tuesday. So I am thankful for stocked shelves and a healthy family.

The story warmed my heart because I think the one of the best things we have is a food stamp program. NO ONE should be hungry in the land of plenty and excess.

Most recipeients are the disabled, the young and the working poor. I've been the working poor since starting my own business and was glad for the few months we qualified when I was pregnant. Now that those days are behind me, I am thankful and I am happy for those who get them and sometimes get a treat.


clnmike said...

This is the last nation on earth to have people going hungry.

CreoleInDC said...

I read stuff like this and am always baffled. It only serves to remind us how blessed we are that we don't have to rely on our government to survive. It really, REALLY sucks. *sigh*

@clnmike: Imma disagree with you on that one playa.