Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The problem with the BIG dinner.... that so much of it tastes better the NEXT day.

So that means I have to bake and cook 80% of the meal one to two days early.

My mom is here so I have some help but my refrigerator and freezer are BULGING at the seams. I know that's a good problem to have but logistically its tough.

Done so far:
Navy bean soup (2 dry pounds worth)
Carrot Pies

Potato Salad (I usually eat cauliflower salad but my family would strangle me on a "holiday")
Brine the turkey (first time doing this)
Coconut Cake
Cabbage with collards and peppers ( I don't usually eat greens but I throw some in with the cabbage and peppers as another family compromise)

Tomorrow is the easy day:
Lemonade Iced Tea

I hope you all spend the day with family and friends (and people you love, LOL)! My mommy's here until December 6 so I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

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Lakisa said...

Wish I could get a plate! Enjoy your mom and think of me while your eating that carrot pie. Yum-O