Monday, October 13, 2008


Light Bulbs-
My fluorescent light bulbs in my office worked well for a while. I got 13 watt bulbs. After a few months, they seemed dim so I put those in my TV room and got 26 watts for the office. They feel much brighter. No headaches and 4 mos. later, they are still working!

Finally, I found something that works. In my last deodorant update I mentioned Tom's of Maine. Well...I broke out. My pits were itchy and turned pitch black!!! Not a good look at all! I found a glycerin roll on and it is wonderful. I can go all day with this. No odor, not too wet, just perfect. 
The glycerin ball works for my husband, and it lasts longer. They now have it in a stick form and you run it under water before applying.  I also found a site that has deodorant recipes!

Shopping Bags-
I still have my original four bags and have bought two more for a total of 6 bags. Each bag has a plastic bottom that sits in it. One of them is beginning to shred after 5 months of VERY regular use. I find that in the "hood" the bags are often cheaper than 99 cents to encourage people to buy them. 
Challenges-Please don't read this the wrong way *disclaimer*. People with mental challenges should not be put on bagging. Let them stock shelves or something else. I have the hardest time getting a bagger who will fill the bag up or fill it right. I even group the cold items, produce and dry goods on the conveyor belt to make easy but they still jack it up. And I swear, in KY EVERY bagger is "slow". I think they should be allowed to work, but bagging groceries takes more intelligence than you think.

P.S. I bought a bracelet to celebrate my green-ness. I just wanted to do something for me that symbolizes where I'm headed. [I wanted a new tattoo but The Minister asked us not to get any more.] They make a $25 donation, so it's like charity right? LOL!

What have you done green lately?

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Don said...

I haven't done anything green, sorry. The bracelet looks unique - good deal. I'm like your husband, it has to be glycerin ball for me. Just about everything else irritates me.