Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Fun Day! Fishing

So, this weekend we went fishing for the first time as a family. We had to find something fun to do as a substitute for going to homecoming. I got hubby a liscense (for us both) for Father's Day and he has been but this was my first time going. I have been fishing but have never caught anything and this day was no exception, lol! 
We got baby girl her own pink chair and a bamboo pole (no reel), I packed the cooler and we were good. Speaking of coolers....we were the ONLY PEOPLE, besides one Asian family, that packed a lunch. Every person I saw (read: white), came out to fish with McDonald's. That's not even the closes restaurant to the park. I wondered if it is some KY tradition we missed in our Welcome Packet, lol.
BabyGirl caught her first fish and the first fish of the day.
But she began to get tired and when she caught her second fish, she didn't like it.
Then it got really bad!! LOL!
She recovered and thanked me all evening for taking her fishing. It was fun and we'll be doing more now that the weather is breaking. It's too damn hot to fish otherwise. This park only has "sun up" to 
"sun down" fishing so it's ok this time of year. My husband caught a baby catfish too. We kept them all in a bucket but threw them all back before we left. They were too small to keep and we don't eat any of the fish that were out in the lake. 
Do you fish? Any good stories?


Smell Goods Lady said...

Go baby girl! I do not fish, but I watch Tovijah (husband). He likes to go deep sea fishing when we go on vacation...brings back some slammin Red Snapper!

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

When I was growing up my dad only made red snapper and perch for us. So I love it! I did some research and can't find any waters in KY where I'd actually eat fish from. (so sad the times we live in)

Lakisa said...

I've never been, but my husband has been talking about getting a rod for the Twins. He used to go all the time.

Babygirl's reaction to that tiny little fish is just priceless!