Thursday, September 4, 2008

On second thought...

Have you ever had a thought and did not act on it, for whatever reason, then felt bad?

Yesterday, I ran into the market to pick up three things. As I came in, I noticed a sister literally wrestling with a boy, had a baby on her hip and had two more hanging off her cart and was pregnant.

They were a bit loud and I saw people staring and thought to myself, "how cute!".

Children are a blessing no matter how they come or how many come. Think I'm wrong?

Ask any woman who is struggling with infertility in her 30's or 40's if she had it to do over again, would she have had a baby when she was younger. I know a few sisters who said they wished they hadn't waited so long to start having babies. I'm one of them. I wish I'd had a baby in 1998 when me and my now husband first got back together. Then I'd have had time to have three. I might still make it, but I'm pushing it. I waited 6 years.

I know a couple of sisters who have had medical issues arise later in life (30 or so) and now they are struggling to concieve. I know a sister who said she regrets having an abortion in her teens. She said she gave in to family pressure. Her mom said she'd never find a good man who wanted her and a bastard child. Now at 40 she just got married and her doctor told her it was too late for her. She was entering menopause. She says she hates to say it but she'd rather have had the baby than a husband at this point.

I know some women who are just having trouble having babies PERIOD and age wouldn't have mattered. Babies are a blessing no matter the circumstance. And if you're not equipped, they can be someone elses blessing. (Thats for all who damned JL Spears and Pallin's daughter)

I wanted to say, "Sister, God has blessed you with a beautiful family" but when I thought to say it I had already paid for my things and was headed for the door. I should have gone back. I'm sure I would have made her day.

p.s. In case you're wondering, I'm over this moment.

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femmeautonome said...

I, too, have had moments where I wish I had done or said something I thought I should have.