Monday, June 23, 2008

Green Monday - The update

I thought I'd give an update on some green initiatives I've tried.

The bags are working great. I remember to put them back into the vehicle and I almost always remember to take them in. It has greatly reduced the number of those plastic bags lying around in my kitchen closet. I'm now going to invest in one of the thermal bags to keep my frozen things cool while driving home.

The fluorescent bulbs are working GREAT. I was skeptical, but I don't have headaches and it is really enough light. I do have a light cover, which I didn't have in my old office and I think it is making less glare on my computer screen.

I'm still using my deodorant (sans anti-antiperspirant) and flouride-free, pork-free toothpaste. I also forgot to say that I use pure shea butter from Ghana. It is thick like paste until you warm it by rubbing your hands together, then it is smooth and oily. It works great for the rusty heels hanging out of your sandals, LOL! I haven't added anything more to my natural regiment.


don said...

i still am yet to have invested anything. i felt shame-faced after reading this post.

Sister P said...

Cmon Don! Get with it! Hope you are having a great summer!!!!!-P

femmeautonome said...

are you still doing the Green Monday posts? I like reading them :-)

I try to carry a bag to the store when I remember. This is something I need to improve because I feel guilty when I see plastic bags.

Guess what I'm going to try next? Not buying new clothes! wish me luck! I donated most of the clothes I own and have decided if I need anything I will have to find it at a thrift store or whatever you call those stores that re-sell clothes. we'll see how long this lasts...
it does not apply to shoes!

Sister P said...

Femme-You're on a WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL with the clothes. Hats off for that. I do try to buy second hand coats for my daughter since winter is so short here. And I do take my old clothes to Goodwill and buy a few things for my ever growing nephew when he stays with me for the summer but it's not in an environmental green effort, but a wallet green effort, LOL! I guess I could try to think of it in those terms and do a little better.