Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today was a great day! I had an argument with my husband! Who's happy about that????? LOL
What was good was that it gave me another chance to see myself and grow. I was longing for his approval and I was pissing him off. He says I always come to him asking him to co-sign something I already decided. Damn! He hit that nail RIGHT on the head.

My upbringing put me in the habit of seeking approval and feeling bad when I didn't get it. WTF? Hubby told it like it is and I needed it. (For the record, he was wrong about something too but that's not the point. LOL)

I called my very best cousin/friend and cried and laughed and was healed by her kindness and funny stories. Everybody needs a friend like her. One who listens attentively but when you sniffle and ask, "What's going on with you?" She comes with the funniest damn story that totally trumps the bull you are trippin' over and next thing you know, you feel like you grew an inch and are ready to face the world again.

I had another silver lining moment. Tuesday my mom told me that her doctor ordered her to see an endocrinologist to look at some suspicious things that showed up during her last physical. She's nervous and afraid it may be the "c" word. Well yesterday she told me the date of her appt. and today I booked a plane ticket so I could go with her to her appointment. Last year I couldn't have done it. I wouldn't have had the money or felt free enough to go. I have lesson plans ready for baby girl, a friend who can help my husband for a few hours with child care and money for the trip. Of course I'm worried about my mom, but relieved that I can be there for her and don't feel guilty about leaving. My organization skills have really improved!

In honor of my good day here is some happy music! Any excuse for some MJ will do for me. This is one of my favorites. It always makes me dance in my seat.

XM RADIO CH. 63 (I think) is MJ 24-7 this month. Quincy Jones selected the music and this station is HOT LIKE FI-YA! Anyone else get down with XM radio?
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Mwabi aka African Girl said...

Yay for growth! Congratulations.

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