Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't put all your eggs in one basket...

Well, last month baby girl started reading. We've been rolling right along with Hooked On Phonics until about a week ago. We've had short stories in the workbook and she's getting it. Then, she was ready to read the first book and it was like pulling teeth. She couldn't make the connection. The story was too complex. She knows about 25-30 words but the dammed first book tried to use them all! It did very little rhyming and was getting to wear her down.

Well, yesterday we went to Toys R Us for some roller skates (awww, her first skates, exhale)and since it was empty, we strolled the aisles. I was in the book section and thought I'd look for those corny ass Dr. Seuss books. Well, even Hop on Pop looked to have too many new words so I just kept looking.

Then.....(drumroll here)

I saw these BOB books.
I remember someone mentioned these on one of my Black homeschool group boards. I had already committed to trying HOP so I left it alone. Well, I am proud to say my baby picked up the book and read the first story straight through! I knew she could do it. She was reading all the words on the worksheet pages, but in the book form they switched the game up.

Lesson: Don't "commit" to any curriculum or teaching style. When something doesn't fit, don't force it. Just go another way.

I highly recommend the BOB series in conjunction with HOP. HOP will teach the letters and sounds well. The books are just a bit confusing right out the gate. BUT, if you're taking my advice remember my daughter is only 3 and 6mos. now. (reading for about a month). An older child may have an easier transition.


Brother OMi said...

i remember when my oldest began to read. no more getting over on them.

"Dad, it says we can't go in there..."


"Dad, it says that it's supposed to be done that way..."

Don said...

Good deal with your daughter and her little reading self. I agree, if something doesnt fit...never force it. Maybe those series of books will be helpful to yet another child.

African girl, American world said...

Uh huh, now all of a sudden my boys are like, "Mama the movie came out on March 7th and you said you'd take us!" Can't say the movie ain't out yet no more....LOL
Kisses to babygirl.