Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blogroll do over - Part 4

Note from Sister P: In case you missed it, I'm re-doing my blogroll so it reflects places that I go regularly and would recommend to the general public.

There are only a few bloggers that I know in "real" life. Black bloggers are hard to come by in Central Kentucky.

There is a sister that I met online and we've been in touch that way ever since. I was trying to help another sister find a Mocha Mom's chapter and we found Miss Mwabi on the message boards. I joined her book club, then she started doing some writing for my paper, then she asked me to join the planning committee for a lecture series and on and on and on. Her blog is part pop culture recap and part personal musing and it's all fun.

Recently, she became editor in chief of You HAVE to go there! I pride myself on knowing a bit about everything but found myself so "ignorant" about African pop culture. It is a place to go to really learn about what current African culture is like and it will make you sound so hip when you talk with your African friends!

Another blogger I know started I met him when he was press secretary for the last mayor of Big City Wanna Be, KY. I did not know how much history he had working in local media around town. He is an aspiring talk show host now and has some very conversational posts. You'll always find a good chat going on over there.

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