Monday, February 4, 2008

No blame in my game!

Ahhh...the blame game. You know people who attempt to blame all of their problems away.

Their parents, their school, their neighborhood, their co-workers, their in-laws, the system, the man, other Black people.....everyone but themselves.

It reminds me of the people I talked about in my last post. When you permit others to just be and allow them some room and time to grow, you are giving yourself permission to do the same.

Quit judging and get to work on you. Quit being embarrassed by others actions.

As always, I'm speaking to myself and anyone else who needs to hear.


Brother OMi said...


we always take away our accountability for our actions.

Don said...

Makes sense.

But, at the same time, blame always has a resting place.

But nevertheless I understood the point you made.

Lovebabz said...

Come on over and bask in the love of Love and Passion Poetry. This is the month of love and Black History.