Thursday, January 31, 2008

Delivered from his church...

If you can't make it through this let me recap:
Mayor: I'm sorry I got busted.
Wife: You didn't have to put all our business out like this.
Mayor: In between my rendezvous' I still accomplished some things for you guys.
Wife: I still love him.

Me: I'm glad he apologized. I'll even say a prayer for him. I NEED my city to rise from ashes and right now, he's in charge. So until the investigation is over...he's 'da mayor and whatever pain and embarrassment he's doing through, he deserves it!


African girl, American world said...


He got caught.
Apology is not sincere.
Poor wife.
Hope she has a jump-off somewhere cause she's not divorcing him for nothing.

sadness all around....once it dies down, it will be back to square 1.

Lovebabz said...

I know what being in the public eye can do to you. And I know everyone is calling for his head and maybe rightly so--I really can't say. But what I can say is that we all make mistakes. We all fall short everyday in all sorts of ways. I will hold him and his wife in my prayers. Detroit will do what is best for Detroit. Keep the faith. Keep the faith.

Brother OMi said...

i am surprised i didn't get any flak for supporting him on one of my posts. personally, i still don't think he is guilty of half the stuff he is accused of. i prefer to give him a chance. i am not the most forgiving person. not to condone what he did but there are/were politicians who have done much worse and have never apologized.