Friday, January 11, 2008

Dear Gossip Junkies: Didn't I tell you?

Dear Gossip Junkie,

As with most junkies, you're probably somewhere 'trolling the gossip sites right now and won't see this message. But if anyone has a "cracked out" cousin who needs this could you pass it on to them?

Very little attention is being given to the new revelation surrounding the circumstances of the death of Dr. Donda West. I knew it would play out like this in the mass media.

I warned you

You have this hunger for information and don't even care if it's factual.

Stay off those celebrity gossip sites. Quit watching Entertainment To-Nite. Listen to C-N-N- carefully.

Just pump your brakes and next time just wait. How about spreading the truth now that you have it?

While you're at it, spread the facts about Gerald's death too.

Signed, Your friendly PROFESSIONAL journalist


Don said...

God got 'em now.

Brother OMi said...

its really ill that people would rather learn about celebrity gossip then what is going on . my wife and i talk about this all the time. i will have to blog about it...there is a reason for that.