Monday, January 14, 2008

Ahhh...the weekend

I have been making a conscious effort to enjoy my weekends. Even the Creator took a rest and He knows I need one. I've been successful for two weeks straight. I only work a bit finalizing my radio show details for Sunday evening. But thats IT! I focus on my family now each weekend.

This weekend...
Hubby, Baby-Girl and I went to our local African-Caribbean grocery to buy as much of our groceries there as we could. We can get whole wheat flour, farina (for farina muffins, which are like cornbread just with wheat instead of cornmeal), parboiled rice, real shea butter and my husbands stinky soap, LOL. It smells good on him but on it's own it is funky. It's called Dudu-Osun. Oh and of course we buy Ting too.

Then we went to the Halal butcher. There we purchased some lamb. My husband goes into the freezer and looks at the carcasses (sp) to pick which we want to cut from and then they cut it for you right where you can watch. We got chops and some for a "pot roast". We brought it home, Hubby seasoned it and I separated it into serving sizes and froze it using my Food Saver. They have other meats and a grinder so you can pick your meat before its ground so you know you're not just getting random parts of something. We've been vegetarian for a while but decided to eat some Halal meats for a little change.

Then, based on what I could get from our special stores I planned our two week menu.
Sunday I got up early and hit the grocery store for everything I couldn't get at the other markets.

Over the weekend, I also got a couple more lesson plans written up. I'll share my lesson plan book soon. Hopefully it can help anyone who is homeschooling full time and for everyone else who SHOULD be homeschooling part time. (Even if you send your children to public and private school you have to supplement with your family's cultural and religious practices. And also a child can never get enough reading and math.)

Overall, it was relaxing and just chilled.

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Smell Goods '98™ said...

When you fix that lamb give my family a shout. LOL! We love lamb from the Halal market.