Saturday, December 8, 2007

This Christmas...see "This Christmas"

I had high hopes for this one and I was NOT disappointed. I'm always a little scared when singers get to actin', but Chris Brown was good. TI liked that fact that the characters were very well developed, the movie was two hours long! But what I really liked was that it stayed away from the typical stereotypes. It could have easily done the "children hate Momma's new man", "Successful sister is uptight and won't date blue collar brothers", "somebody's a crack head" thing but it DIDN'T. YES!!!

I did have a coupla questions though:
What's up with the grandchildren? There was a boy and girl but only the boy is on the movie poster. Then there were only two but they had their own dinner table and they kept disappearing.

I kept seeing holes in the women's clothes. One on an arm and one under an arm. Not a good look!

Did Regina King have to be in her Vickies so much??

Idris' character explained why he showed up with no luggage, but why did he leave with luggage but kept the same clothes on through the whole movie?

Was the sharp dressed Latino lady (who never left the kitchen) the cook or housekeeper or a good friend? (I say cook)

Overall: A- (use caution with children of "knowing" age because there is some sexy lingerie and a "hook-up" scenario you may have to explain)