Monday, December 10, 2007

Remember the little things....

What could be a romantic season, with fireplaces blazing and sexy holiday songs by the Temptations playing, is often stressful for marriages. Even those who don't celebrate Christmas for religious reasons can find it stressful, with family visits and what has become obligatory gift exchanges.

Remember YOUR reason for the season and don't find yourself divorced by King Day.

Remember to take some time to do the little things that can make your spouse feel loved and show them that you appreciate them.

Some suggestions:
1. Give them a pedicure.
2. If you are NOT the regular cook, ask if there is a simple meal you can prepare.
3. Do an extra chore around the house.
4. If you have children, take them out or sit and watch a long movie with them while the other takes a nap.
5. Watch a DVD together.
6. Have a family dance party with some of your favorite tunes.

These are things we did this weekend and today, with a desk full of work, I don't feel so bad. After a WONDERFUL weekend like that, I can't complain!

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Alyce said...

Bless you for your wisdom, Sister P. These are essential tips for nurturing our significant ones all throughout the year! Love what you said about being divorced by King Day through neglect of those who matter. Say that!