Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How do they do it?

Man, why in the world would someone go to college, pay good money for a degree to teach preschoolers for the pennies they make?It is worth at least $100,000 for the 9 months each year they work!

My daughter (3) and my friends son (4) wear me DOWN. I keep him on Monday and Tuesday so that my daughter has a classmate for home-school and mostly because he goes to day care which should not be mistaken for pre-school. He does not know his letters or numbers by sight, has not done finger painting nor has ever been to the library.

The tough part is teaching on two levels making sure each is sufficiently challenged. That's what would kick my azz if I had 15 of them on different levels.

It's a challenge but it's preparing me. I want to homeschool my children until they go to high school and I want 2 more so I'd better get ready.

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KimPossible said...

My husband is a teacher and I TOTALLY agree with you. Yes, home schooling is no joke. A few of our friends have home schooled their children up until middle school and they are EXCEPTIONAL children.

Great idea. I wish teacher's could make more money because they have HARD jobs.

Good Post!