Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I was watching Black Disgraceful Television last night. I was surfing and saw that it was the finale of Sunday Best. I have only occasionally followed the show so it didn't really matter to me who won, both women were EXCEPTIONAL.

I sat there watching and thinking how disgraceful it is that the best show to happen to BDT was from the creators of A.mer.ican I.d.o.l. We don't own the network and we can't even come up with progamming. What is the point?? Call it something else.

Then before I can dry my eyes from the emotional win, here comes the intro to Co.ll.e.g.e Hill with a guy puking into a toilet, trying to sober up from a drunken binge. Yeah, great programming there!

I am not just being a couch critic here. I own/produce and host my own radio show so I know how hard scheduling and programming are. There are many things to consider. I do it most times singlehandedly. (I have a production assistant from time to time when I can find someone who can keep up with my pace. Right now I have one who is 'da bomb!) I know that they have a big enough budget for competent staff.

And while I'm going there. I can think of a new name for BE.T. Call it D.I.S. for Dr. Ian Sm.ith, is anyone else tired of seeing him? Meet the Faith, 50 Million Pound Challenge Commercials, Co.lle.g.e's too much!

Don't even get me started on the show American Gangster. Are you serious? In 2007 you want to teach us the history of some of "our" most notorious criminals and you have no children's programming or news shows? Get outta here.

Update: I read this piece that ran in the L.A. Times with Reginald Hudlin praising their "upgrades" while asking why "we" don't say anything about "I Love NY" and "Flava of Luv"--I had high hopes for him too *sigh*

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