Tuesday, November 27, 2007

World AIDS Day December 1

Just a reminder:
Be aware. Get tested. Know your status.

Black Aids Day is in February but I thought I'd remind everyone that you better keep it on your mind.

With holiday parties and extra drinking among "grown folks" you may find yourself presented with some "options". You better opt for the safe route, whatever you feel that is.

Know your partner WELL, and know their HIV status. Be safe people.

I know several people who have died from this and some who are living with it and no one I've known would wish it on their worst enemy.

I wish I could say that this is message for the single people, but some of you who are married need to get tested too. And you know who you are! You have that sneaking suspicion that your mate is cheating. You may not have caught or confronted them, but getting tested isn't a lack of trust. It's a safeguard. You'd rather know now than to get kicked to the curb 3 years from now by a cheater and then on a routine visit to the doctor find out you are positive. If you've got HIV, you're going to know it sooner or later. TRUST ME, you want to know sooner!



KimPossible said...

You are so right. A lot of time we think this aids message is only for singles, but it so isn't.

Good message!


Philly's Andrea said...

this is so true, if only everyone would stop being so naive to life and what it can bring you and stop having the mentaility that "it can't happen to me." cause it can happen to you.