Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big sister to the rescue

Previously, I blogged about my fatigue with the situation that my divorced parents put my family in. Well, I called my big sister (left) and told her how I felt. In true big sister fashion she stepped in to fix it.

First, she acknowledged that she totally forgot to invite my dad to her house for Thanksgiving. She said it was because he was married for 16 years and we either ate with them or dropped over their house. Now that he's been single again for 4 years, she was out of the habit of considering him on the holidays. She called him the next day and apologized (of course my dad called me to report this development) and invited him over for Christmas brunch and told him that my family and I would be staying with her. And he agreed that that would be best and he'll bring the salmon croquets! He sound soooo happy!

Then, she called my mom and broke the news to her. My mom is a whole 'nother kinda special (being respectful here), but she said she "figured" we would stay with my sister. Then my sister broke the news about my dad coming on Christmas and she said she was fine.

There it is! Peace was just a phone call away. I'm going to start having my sister take care of all my problems (financial, marital, etc) . That's what big sisters do right?


KimPossible said...

Hey Sister P,

Great blog chica. I totally feel you on getting big sis to handle your problems. Okay, so I have a question for you. My brother is four years older than me, but I am really like big sister to him. What is wrong with that picture? So, my brother is you and I am your sister. You feel me? Can you shed some light for me? LOL!

I am glad everything worked out for you guys. Sometimes we tend to stress out because we want peace, but like you said "Peace was only one phone call away." I have "FAVORITE QUOTES" on my page. I am going to have add that to my favorite quotes. Come to my page and check it out.

Have a good day girlie!


Sister P said...

@Kim Possible-I can be your big sister. We all need one! LOL! I'm glad that I had a daughter first. She can be my asst. manager in the house when I have more (hopefully soon).

KimPossible said...

LOL! Too funny. Please Sister P, be my bis sis! I DEF need one. Yes, put your little one to work. I don't have any children yet, but I tell my 4 year old niece all of the time that when she gets older she owes me big tyme. I told her that she is going to babysit me for free ALL of the time. She just laughs and tell me that I'm funny. We gotta put em to work right? LOL!

Lovebabz said...

On behalf of all the Big-Sisters in the world--We are always ready and willing to help our little Sisters and Brothers out. Being first has it advantages. Hip-hip Hooray for Big Sisters!