Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's for dinner?

Since I decided to remain in Big City Wanna Be, KY for Turkey day I am now in a bind for meal planning. Though we don't "celebrate" on this day, it is one where I like to have plenty of food and invite people to drop in and out since it's a long weekend and bed times aren't an issue.

I don't do turkey much when it's just the three of us and it's too late to order a fresh (not frozen) bird to I'll skip it.

I can only cook the week of Thanksgiving. Which is not long for someone like me who likes to do it up even for Sunday dinner. So with little time to work with I am doing this:

Jerk Chicken
Peas and Rice (beans and rice to some)
Fried Cabbage
Fruity Iced Tea
Ting (it's not Jamaican without it)

Coconut Cake
Carrot Pie

I'll let you know my progress each day.
What's for dinner where you're eating? Are you the primary cook? If not, what are you bringing?