Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The next generation

Though I am not old enough to be the mother of a college student, I often look at college students as children. Mostly because of the whining and complaining I hear from them. But recently, I have been pleasantly surprised by some students. Particularly some young women. During the big march in Jena, an informational rally was held at The Univ. of Ken.tu.cky. by the Del.ta's. They did it up, complete with t-shirts, a table full of laptops so that people could sign on-line petitions, speakers and even a symbolic demonstration with 6 Black male students sitting under a tree that resembled the "white" tree" in Jena. I was so excited when I saw this student organized event.

The ladies have caught the militant bug and are now hosting a series of talks on current controversial or seldom reported events. I will be speaking at the next one. I am going to chronicle the life, death and death investigation of Remy Okonkwo. A normal, healthy, well-loved Black student at a small Baptist college in Georgetown, KY. who was found dead, hanging from a noose in his all-white fraternity house. (He was one of two Black members.)

I've been covering this story for a while now while the major media has ignored it. The ladies want people to hear the details and hopefully be inspired to do something.

I am feeling better about the future knowing that all this recent trouble for Blacks in America has not made the youth bitter, but instead made them stronger, more unified and willing to ACT UP when necessary!

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