Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fast food psychosis

psychosis (si-ko-sis) n. severe mental disorder...marked by degeneration of normal intellectual and social functioning and by complete or partial withdrawal from reality.

I was not purposely trying see how long I could go on fast food like the guy in Super Size Me, but I was on a road trip and no one cooked along the way. I had to eat out daily. I had a variety of chicken, some salad, roast turkey. I felt fine and didn't notice anything wrong...until today. The day before yesterday I went shopping and all day yesterday, I cooked for myself and WOW!!! I woke up and it honestly felt like my college drinking days. I had these bad memories of what I had been doing while I was "drunk" on fast food. I had been cranky, paranoid and delusional. My family has been gone for 3 weeks now and all of a sudden I was feeling all lonely and abandoned and talking rudely to my husband over the phone. I was afraid to go out at night. I had insomnia. I am cracking up laughing as I type this, but I caught myself thinking/talking out loud in Not a conversation, which would have been better, but just a random sentence. I was thinking of a conversation I had earlier with someone and just blurted out a random sentence, LMAO!!!!!!!!

And just like that, I'm fine. (I think) I guess if I'm blogging about this I'm in a clear state of mind.

I usually eat out about one meal in a two week period, so 6 days straight of this mess was too much for me. I will start packing a lunch and bringing a cooler no matter how short the trip or no matter where I'm going. I think I ate a home cooked meal 2-3 times in 6 days.

As I reflect on how I was acting, I wonder how many other people have fast-food psychosis and don't know it. Everybody should take a fast food break and see how they feel.

What do you think?

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Brother OMi said...

the entire culture of fast food causing folks to act buck wild. just see how people get when their orders are wrong at micky d's.

i stay away from it. its not worth it. if i do, i get a veggie burger and bounce.

on trips, i take a snack. if its less than 6 hours, i usually just eat a power bar and drink water.