Saturday, November 10, 2007

Calm, cool, collected

That's my mood today. For the first time in a long time I am not feeling rushed or under the gun. I didn't think about how life would be as the owner of a newspaper, and I should have. This constant deadline that I am on get's to be overwhelming at times. But today, I'm cool. I pushed my deadline back and now I'm cruising in to the finish line instead of running to the finish line with an armful of files and tripping over my shoelace and falling face first over the line with papers flying everywhere. That would make a great cartoon but it's not cool to be the one in a perpetual out of balance state. I'm going to really strive to get organized before 2008. I'm not superstitious but I do believe in setting goals to finish or begin things by January 1. Only because it's easy to remember as an anniversary.

Well, I'm back to work, but I'm chillin'. I'm not stressed one bit but I'm going to keep a steady pace so I won't be blogging about stress on Monday.

Much peace,
Sister P

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