Monday, November 5, 2007

The blessing of friendship and the blessing of a child

My college soror and I have become really good friends over the years. I did not know her before we were on line together and we seemed like two very different people. But as the years went by we spent a lot of quality time together and came to see that there is very little that separates most of us, if we'd be transparent enough to share with one another.

I am god-mommy to her first son who is now ten. She just gave birth to her second son three weeks ago and many people have asked me why she waited so long in between. Well, it wasn't by choice.

She had two still births in between. Both of her son's who did not make it were developing fine until the eighth month. I don't know how she had the faith to try again but she did. And I believe that God rewarded her faithfulness with a healthy delivery. It is only faith in God that would make a woman endure that potential heartbreak 3 times in 5 years.

I have been to see her and the baby 3 times in the three weeks he is old. It is a 3 hour drive but well worth it. I realize how much my support means to her and I get as much as her for the effort.

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