Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I don't keep house anymore

This is what a woman said to me the other day. She says that she got it from a retired woman who told her to come pick something up from her door. She didn't let her in because she "doesn't keep house" and was embarrassed to let anyone in.

The woman who told me this said that she keeps a clear walking path but the rest is usually a mess.

We got on this topic because she asked what I would do with "all that free time" with my husband and daughter gone to see relatives for several weeks. I mentioned that I wanted to spend a day in each room really cleaning and organizing so I'd be able to straighten up quicker on a daily basis. And she said, "just leave it."

I don't set a tidy standard for my friends mainly because I am usually running a bit below the one I set for myself. But I think that if your house is too messy to allow visitors you need to evaluate how you think of yourself. I don't clean for others. I clean for me and my enjoyment and peace of mind. And if you can stand a mess that is too much for others then..........

Any thoughts?

p.s. That is a generic photo and not my kitchen!

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