Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Burnt eggs

Hubby: The quiche tastes different tonight.
Sister P: Maybe it's because I was in a rush and had to use store bought crust.
Hubby: No it's not the crust. Sometimes the quiche (spinach) tastes like meat.
Sister P: Oh, I didn't use any basil or Italian seasoning.
Hubby: Yeah, because sometimes it tastes like hot dogs. And you didn't over cook it, sometimes it tastes like burnt eggs.
Sister P: blank stare

Right now I am LOL, but earlier I wanted to say..."You ungrateful (bleeeeeeeeeeeep). How dare you call my quiche burnt eggs and hot dogs. How the hell do you know what burnt eggs taste like anyway???

1 comment:

alyce said...

...and I have learned that the blank stare can be the best "come back". It allows the "offender" hubby a moment to experience the full impact of that ill-thought comment...

lovely stuff!