Monday, June 4, 2012

Mommy Monday - Summer Edition

Day camps are awwweeesome! After the daily joy of teaching, learning and running my mini-media empire during the school year I become OVERJOYED when it's time for summer camp! Activities for BabyGirl each day from 8-5 and free time for me and the Fascinating Brotha! For the next two weeks she's in Tennis and Swim Camp. Today for Mommy? A day of beautification that includes waxing, mani and pedi. See you later! Happy Summer!


Don said...

Happy Summer to you as well. And judging by the temp in my car when I leave work ... it's definitely SUMMER. Lol.

I've spent many of the past few Saturdays on the beach, trying to relax and enjoy the weather and atmosphere.

Sister P said...

You must live a place much warmer than Central Kentucky. It's barely swimming pool weather here!

Happy summer my friend!