Saturday, February 4, 2012

You will GET every time you GIVE

So there's this awesome project in my town.

Sewing pillowcase dresses for needy girls in Lexington (instead of Africa).

I consider myself a pretty good sewer, but there's always more to learn and the more you sew the bigger your imagination grows.

Doing this has put me in touch with probably 100 Black women who sew in MY OWN TOWN! How awesome is that to now have sewing mentors? I now have friends of mine who never wanted to sew before, who are sewing these simple dresses made of pillowcases, elastic and a bit of extra fabric for straps.

I've also got some great ideas for the next sewing class I'll teach.

So remember, anytime an opportunity is presented to use your talents JUST DO IT! The reward is sure to be better than you imagined.

Here's my first pillowcase dress to donate. All materials were donated to the project and I picked these out.

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