Saturday, August 21, 2010

2010 Ramadan Update

As Salaam Alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak!,

This year has been a tremendous blessing for me spiritually.  I can attribute 3 things to my growth and development.

First: My husband and I are doing our daily Qur'anic reading together. We alternate reading aloud during my daughters supper.  This allows her to witness our practice of Islam and listen to the Word.  She really gets excited when its time to read and she is picking up on some words and phrases that we use in daily life. It has been a great "lesson" for her and unifying for our family.

Second: The Ramadan Prayer Line IS INCREDIBLE.  There is always an introduction by Minister Akbar who explains something and bears witness to the fact that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad did adhere to "traditional" Islamic practice. Min. Akbar also shares with us stories from his travels with Minister Farrakhan throughout the middle East.  Then there is a guest speaker, Hadith, Prayer and motivation for the day. All in 30 mins!!

Release the sleep god and get up for THE CALL to prayer!

Third: I have been assigned some additional reading. I am reading "Dianetics".  All I can say is "Whoa."  I'm am working my way through the very large book, however, the fog lifted almost immediately.

Coming Soon:
I am excited to share a hand crafted gift my husband made for my daughter and our niece and nephew.
We have not done our prayer rug yet for this year but its coming.

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