Friday, April 2, 2010

The Randomness of my thoughts....

1. Every time I think that I've become a little more organized, I realize how far I am from being so.

2. I just learned that when you put in a florescent bulb you should let it stay on for an hour to reach full strength. That way you get maximum light each time you use it.

3. I don't really like people that I don't like. LOL

4. I like people who think like me and are not competitive.

5. There is a difference between a) being inspired to do something by a friend b) competing with your friends.

6.  I can only give one thing 100% of my time to one thing at a time.  Duh right?

7. I am sooooooooo excited by the possibility that I am going to New Orleans for my 10th wedding anniversary.

8.  I am honored that Martha Stewart is now following ME on Twitter. How fuggin' kewl is that?

9.  I started my organic gardening this week.  It will be box and pot style on my back porch.

10. My brilliance is beginning to be fulfilled and I think that that will finally make me whole.

11.  Working on a project with people you love makes it soooo much better than doing it yourself.

12. I love some women and I'm so glad I can say it to them.


Don said...

The first thing which stood out with me is number 5. That is the truth, if I have ever heard the truth.

Which brings me to number 4. LOL! Another truth.

Which leads me to believe that your above thought process led you to number 10.

I feel you on the Martha Stewart follow. I saw where Tavis Smiley had followed me on Twitter and I still do not understand why Tavis Smiley would follow me? LOL!

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

@Don - TS didn't want to miss out on the revolution. You've got like a gajillion readers on your blog! Glad you make the time to hang with the common folk like
Sister P!

Don said...

Stop it. LOL!