Friday, February 19, 2010

What is friendship? Really....I need to know

I had a situation today that has recurred in my life a few times.  Here it is without specifics.

A friend of mine fronted on her relative about her opinion of homeschooling.  The relative said that all children need to be socialized and all children need to be in school.  The relative denied saying it, but my friend took it one step further and fronted on her aunt by saying, "Remember you said that Lodi-Dadi didn't have any social skills?" (she wasn't talking about my child but a child we all know)

OK, is the aunt wrong for having talked about "Lodi-Dadi"?  Is she not really a "friend" to "Lodi-Dodi's" mother since she talked about her child?  Was she talking about the child or just giving her opinion and assessment of the situation?  Is that wrong to do?  Are you not a friend if you don't agree with your friends actions?

I'm just asking....


Aminah Hanan said...

No 2 people are alike, friend or foe. No one is going to always agree with what their friends do or say. The aunt wasn't personally attacking the child nor the child's mother. She was assessing the situation & adding her 2 cents. The question is was it at an appropriate time and place. Also I'm from the school of whatever I say behind your back I should be able to say to your face. That's where I think the aunt is wrong.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

Thanks AH,

I agree with the "behind your back/to your face" rule. I think that the aunt would say it to the friends face, but I also believe that the aunt put some "spice" on the comment when talking behind the mothers back.