Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ramadan Activities and Lessons For Children Part 3

I'mmo need you to forget that Ramadan was in September LOL.

I was invited to present four short 25 minute presentations to 2nd graders on Ramadan at our local Children's Museum.

Here's what I prepared:

Ramadan Presentation
Objective: Student will be able to name some activities that are forbidden during the fasting hours of Ramadan. 
Content areas: Religion or Civics, Art
Supplies: Coloring Sheet (left)
White and/or light blue construction paper
Black and/or navy blue construction paper
Crayons, markers or coloring pencils
(optional: glitter, moon, sun, star stickers)

Lesson: (5 mins)
1. Define Ramadan-  be sure to explain the difference between "Holy Days" and a holiday.
2. Explain what is forbidden during daylight hours (age appropriately)- be sure to include arguing/quarreling among forbidden activities
3. Explain what is done after sundown (modest meal, more reading, prayer)
4. Discuss coloring sheet.  Each square shows a common activity during Ramadan for Muslims.  What time of day would each one take place. (drinking-night; reading-day and night; play with toys as distraction for children who may be hungry-day; eating soup-night; prayer-day and night)
Craft Instructions: (15 mins)
1. Choose one full sheet of paper in either white or light blue to represent day.
2. Cut either a black or navy blue paper in half (5.5 x 8.5) and glue it to half of the first sheet to create a dark and light side representing day and night.
3. Color the sky (top) of each paper with a day scene (sun, clouds) and night scene (moon, stars).
4. Color each item on the coloring sheet above and cut out.
5. Glue each item to the proper side of paper (day or night).  Some creative students will paste some items on the line between since they can be done either day or night.
Clean up: (5 mins.)
Evaluation: Students understand if they place the items in the proper place (day or night).  Reinforcement can be made by allowing them to study the craft and quiz them at a later time.


Don said...

sister p this is an intelligent and well thought out presentation on your behalf.

good luck, the students should enjoy. congrats on the invite as well.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

Thanks Don! It went very well. Only one audible gasp from a mother when I showed the children a Holy Qur'an LOL.