Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Considering A Homeschool Co-Op Pt. 2

In my community there are a few homeschool co-ops. How do you decide which one or ones to join? I always remind parents to remember the reason you homeschool in the first place. Find a place the supports your beliefs or at the very least, does not conflict with them.

I would suggest all potential co-op participants consider this:

1. What is the "culture" of the co-op? Does is cater toward Christian values, Black culture, atheists, etc.?

2. How often does the co-op meet? Will it compliment or hinder your current schedule?

3. Location and safety of meeting. Is the neighborhood safe? Are other people or groups in the building when your group is there? Are you confident that your child is safe walking to and from the bathroom, next class, etc. Is there a possibility that your child could walk out of the building? Is there a fire procedure that includes teachers taking attendance and taking it with them out of the building in case of fire?, etc.

4. Who are the parents and is there a discipline policy?

5. What is the cost of each class? Are there hidden costs such as materials or specialized clothing?

6. Are there established student cliques and if so, are children encouraged to welcome and interact with new students?

After observing and asking questions of the co-op that a friend of ours attended, I opted out.

We are now in the process of starting our own.  But its tough.

Next installment: When and How To Start Your Own Homeschool Co-Op.
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