Monday, July 13, 2009

Ramadan Prep 2009 - Get my mind right!

Each year, since acknowledging my desire to become one with Allah I have faced a different challenge come Ramadan.

This year is no exception.

However, this year I am so determined to make this month easier on myself with proper planning.

Knowing that the day light hours are going to be long and knowing how hectic my schedule is that time of year I have to prepare mentally for several things:

1. What we'll eat and what time to prep each day.
2. Getting my daughter ready. This will be the first one she can remember so I want to include her in prayer and reading of the Quran.
3. I need some Ramadan crafts and activities for her.
4. Ramadan cards, which I have NEVER sent out!
5. Family Eid photo.
6. Scheduling reading times.
7. I plan to go back to the Study Group on Friday's during Ramadan.

Number 7 is the biggest one.  I've stayed away to give myself time to heal.  I had to get where I could better handle the things that tested my maturity, patience and fortitude.  I know more challenge will come but I think I'm where I need to be to handle them in a manner that will be pleasing to Allah.

The countdown to the Holy Days has begun: 31 days to Ramadan (estimated to begin August 21)

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Lakisa said...

The 21st! Oh Allah, I got to get on it today. Why does Ramadan sneak up on me every year?