Monday, July 20, 2009

Ramadan Prep 2009 - BabyGirls meals (Children's meals)

Since my daughter is 4 (and will turn 5) during this Ramadan, fasting is not required.  In How To Eat To Live Book 2 the Hon. Elijah Muhammad says that children should not fast and should eat 2 - 3 meals per day and not one meal as is prescribed for adults.

However, I'd like her to get some of the experience of fasting as she learns about Ramadan. My husband and I have decided that she will eat only breakfast and lunch without any snack. (She will only be missing her fruit snack that comes between breakfast and lunch.)

Considering dinner, we thought that she would be challenged to refrain from eating after her nap until we break fast. She normally wakes around 3 and we eat before 5.  Now dinner will be after 8pm EST.  We have decided that she will eat at 6:30 p.m. and have her dessert while we eat our meal.

To make it less tempting for me I'll make a standard meal for her:
Weekday Breakfast: Milk, fruit or yogurt, boiled eggs and bread (either farina muffin, wheat rolls or wheat toast)
Weekend Breakfast: Raisin bran or Honey Shredded Wheat cold cereal
Lunch - Bean soup w/cheese or salmon salad (like tuna salad) either with wheat crackers or wheat bun.

I chose these items because they won't dirty lots of pots (as does her regular oatmeal and scrambled eggs) and won't create a lot of aroma, which can be tempting to the fasters.  Also the breads can be baked and stored.  Bean soup prepared and frozen.  Pouches of skinless boneless salmon, mayo, relish, and mustard can be purchased in advance and we always have DOZENS of eggs in our home.

Again, my goal is EASE this Ramadan in the food department.  I have MUCH more to focus on than the mundane (but necessary) tasks of eating and cleaning!
What will you do for your young ones meals?


Haute Muslim said...

Peace! I like this blog...if you don't mind I'm going to share it on HM. I'm beginning to prep for Ramadan as well...As, I read your blog, I thought about how undisciplined my childrens eating schedules! Must fix that today! Also, for my the way of fasting, I have them give up something, sorta like lent...something they really like for the entire stresses sacrifice and discipline.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

Of course I don't mind the shout out on HM. I use the 'give up' philosophy for myself and meat.

I've also added to the menu an egg burrito for breakfast and cheese sandwich for lunch.