Friday, May 8, 2009

My weekend resolution

This weekend I resolve:
To rest
To fast daily until 4pm
To watch a movie
To make an outfit for baby girl
To finish editing the next issue of the paper
To not spend more than $40
To not talk to anyone longer than 15 minutes (except my radio audience on Sunday ;o)

Just a note to self....carry on!

1 comment: said...

Hey there!

I am with you on the need for intentional silence!!

Years ago, I instituted a policy that my friends could not call me after 9:00 PM unless there was an emergency situation...

Then I changed the policy...I assigned certain days of the week for personal phone I was not going overboard!! We need to be purposeful about having silence and peace in our lives.

It requires that we change the amount of access that we give to others to invade our "ME" time and our silent time....