Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sister Souljah responds

Ok, so I was disappointed in the end in "Midnight".

I wrote to Souljah and she hit me RIGHT back. The problem is.....she gave me a half canned answer and did not answer my question.

Should I be insulted  by the elementary nature of this?

Peace & Greetings Patricia Muhammad, (Note: My name is NOT PATRICIA)

Thank you for purchasing my novel, MIDNIGHT A GANGSTER LOVE STORY.
Thank you for reading and feeling it as well as understanding it's place in
our culture, particularly for our youth.

Please allow me to clarify about the ending. First of All, MIDNIGHT is a prequel.
This means that it involves the events that happened in MIDNIGHT'S life BEFORE
he went to prison, BEFORE he met Santiaga, BEFORE he met Winter.

Therefore, no reader should have expected to find out  the update or conclusion
of The Coldest Winter Ever from a prequel. What will happen next, God willing,
is the third portion of this trilogy shall be published. It will be the bridge that allows me, the author to tie everything together nicely, hopefully, seamlessly--a beautiful flow and not a forced effort. Feel me?

I understand the urgency our community feels and has for meaningful conversation
and products. Strangely, the task of providing them has fallen squarely on my shoulders because so many people have abandoned the effort, the African community, the youth and the culture and MORALS that used to be automatic!

i will publish, God willing, the next installment as soon as I can. Readers will NOT have to wait ten years again. During that interval, like most good women, i was working quite hard at several businesses and in loving my husband and raising my son and yes cooking,"from scratch."

So my sister, thank you for your acknowledgement and expression of both love and concern. I accept it and I return to you at equal velocity.

Sister Souljah

P.S. As for the invitations, speaking is a separate business for me, (completely different than book signings which are sponsored by my piublisher). I will await your invite but please know that professional fees will be required to bring me all the way to Kentucky! No disrespect intended. Much Love...

***What say you readers???????


clnmike said...

I dont know might have been some one else who wrote it for her.

Lakisa said...

The response read very defensive. I guess she has been getting a similar critique from many of her readers. My problem is I
understand the book was written as a "pre"queal but it was marketed as a sequel. I've been hearing talk about The Coldest Winter Part 2 for years. Sis, I would have felt a little slighted as well.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

Mike-maybe not. I've heard her speak and had an all-be-it brief conversation with her and this sounds like classic Souljah.

Lakisa-you are right about her sounding defensive. My WHOLE problem is that it never connected the dots. It was a TOTALLY separate story. A good story, but it didn't even take you to the point of Midnight meeting Winters father. I will probably NOT invite her to speak at our conference this year, which pays real money by the way! LOL

Lakisa said...

I don't blame you for the dis-invite! I guess all artists are little sensitive about their work.