Monday, November 10, 2008

Coat Finished!

Just in time for some cold weather!!
My own Pattern Review for McCall's M4961
Did it turn out like the picture on the package: Yes
Fabric: Regular fleece. I wanted wool fleece but I couldn't find it locally. 
Were directions easy?: Yes, for the most part. The cuff lining was not marked so I had to figure it out for myself.
Any variation to the pattern: No, I even liked thier color choice so I used it. I did make the hat larger to accomodate afro puffs and "knockers" in her hair.
Blog: I feel so proud of myself! This project was easy but had a lot of firsts for me. I had never done covered buttons and was worried about the thickness of the fleece but with some tools it was pretty easy. Also, I had never made a hat and the directions were great. My machine has an automatic button holer but I was concerned again b/c I had not done anything this thick (2 pieces of fleece and interfacing) but it was all good.
She wore it to the mall and we got compliments all day and she loved saying, "My mommy made my coat!"


clnmike said...

Look cute.

Lakisa said...

Loves it! Doesn't that feel great when they say, Mommy made it!" Keep it up, Domestic Diva!