Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Inspired!-Crayon Rolls

I am feeling very inspired lately to get my house in order and to be more creative.
Working around the clock year round puts me in rut and I WANT OUT!

So a couple weeks ago I made crayon rolls!

I was inspired by the Supa Dupa Momma who blogs at Me and My Three. Lakisa was inspired by the Extra Crafty blogger Skip to my Lou.

Here are a few notes if you attempt to follow the direction on STML's site.

#1- Wool felt is not available anywhere in my city. So I bought felt from a bolt at the fabric store. So far it is holding up. The color choices by bolt were better than the squares I found at craft stores.
#2 - If you want to pink the edges be WARNED. When you get to three deep on the felt it is tough. You may want to cut each one individually (after sewing is complete of course).
#3- Jumbo crayon variation. I cut 18" width and made each pocket a bit larger. The original was too tight for my daughter to manipulate. BUT the crayons do slip out sometimes so you may have to adjust a bit more.

Overall, it was a very easy pattern that I was able to complete very quickly, which is a must for me. My daughter LOVES having her crayons in such a cute holder and I've made them for her friend and cousin too.


IamMe Like IT-Love IT-Hate IT said...

sounds like a fun project the finished product is cute

clnmike said...

Aww arts and crafts.

Lakisa said...

Yaay! Your roll looks so good. Go head, go head!

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone.
I am usually aim WAY too high on sewing projects and don't complete them because I get in over my head!
I'm working on a coat and hat for baby girl that I hope to complete this weekend. I'll keep you posted :-)