Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sorry but, I'm bored and wanted to share the feeling

The GOP Convention is sooooooo boring. I'm trying to watch it but keep dosing off so I jumped online to wait on Palin.

In case you missed any of it here's a recap.

Monday was basically cancelled due to the hurricane.

Tuesday prime time was devoted to adoption (intentionally or unintentionally) as someone gave the "wonderful" story of (McCain's Bangladesh daughter) Bridget's arrival.

Ron Paul's Counterconvention was more exciting than the GOP's.

Wednesday so far has been Latino night. I guess they do these themed things to draw attention to thier diversity, but man.....this is boring.

Oh, did I mention that The Governator of Calli-fo-neeyah "couldn't make it" and "Dubya" was only on via sattelite. Can you say..."shamed of McCain?"

Come on Palin, say something stupid for me to quote for the paper!

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