Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A mother's resolve...

OK, it started out a simple goal. Bake a cake, make some icing, decorate the cake. That's all.
But nothing is as simple as it seems. I baked a cake that I make several times a year and is a family favorite. It's a Hershey's chocolate cake and is delicious (I use buttermilk and double the icing).
wanted to add some trim to the square cake and write babygirl's name, THAT'S IT.

The problem is...I haven't decorated a cake in about 12 years. Yes, 12 years. I forgot I couldn't use regular icing to make flowers and other cute things. I had to concoct some squiggly something to go along the edges and I had to put the cake on the back of a cookie sheet because I didn't buy any board and I put it on foil because I didn't buy the pro stuff and ....overall it took longer than I thought because

But hey, I'll just show you what I did.

Overall, I was satisfied because I take delicious over pretty any day and tasty it was! Plus, she's only four (in 10 days) so to her it was marvelous! I just realized how rusty I was so it took longer. But I hung in there and got it done!


Don said...

That is a nice looking cake. I'm kinda saddened that I can't beg for a piece. Your daughter will love it.

Lakisa said...

YAY! You did it! I think it looks great and like it taste real, real good. Man, this is not a way to start off Day 2 of Ramadan. LOL
Happy Birthday, Babygirl!

Del's Baby Girl said...

Don-that cake was "fi-ya". That's Chicago for "fire" which means good in English, LOL!

Lakisa-sorry for the temptation :-) Her b-day is the 10th but we did the cake, pizza thing on the 31st so we could do it at a reasonable hour. We can't break fast here until about 8:15pm, what about you?