Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Detroit... you done set me up for a come back"-Kwame Kilpatrick

Yes, he resigned today.

"...after much deliberation with my family, after numerous prayers, fasting, I have made a difficult decision – I believe the most difficult decision of my life – to step down as the mayor of the City of Detroit." READ MORE...

If you are not FROM Detroit you don't understand the loyalty to Kwame. He made some power moves for the city. He was effing up, but don't we all? It didn't become obvious the extent of his eff ups until recently. But Detroit people are loyal to a fault and you have to PROVE someone is wrong before we jump on the band wagon. We've seen too many people get trashed only to find later that it was a set up.

This was not a set up.

So he did the admirable thing, he resigned. He should have done it before it cost the city so much money though.

Could he come back? Sure.

Could he win? Probably.

Take a trip through The D with someone who LOVES the D and you'll understand why. I've had family members visit and say that they never saw the GOOD in the city until I took them on a tour. There is good everywhere, you just have to look harder sometimes to see it. There is a lot to be proud of there. Right now is just a bad time in the long history of The D.

Next...the drama with the city council (that Monica Conyers) and the interim Mayor whose sister is being investigated for something that may take him out too.

Like a Phoenix, we'll rise.


Don said...

I read somewhere that Kwame accepted a plea baragain. I think he did the honorable thing and walk away and now he can begin the process of rebuilding his marriage and life.

I still recall the day where he entered office. I had a feeling it would end like this. Seems the media didn't too much care for his flamboyant nature.

Ms.Erika said...

From what I hear he stayed long enough to qualify for his pension, then he walked away. All he did was prove the nay-sayers's just too bad.