Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Raw unedited thoughts watching the DNC-08 Monday

Before reading what anyone else had to say, I wanted to write my thoughts about what I witnessed.

First and foremost, Mrs. Barack Obama.

What I saw was an articulate and intelligent wife, who was a bit nervous.

In her voice, which was a little softer than usual that followed her script so not to deviate into something that could be "soundbitten", she seemed to be thinking, "Just don't fuck this up for your husband girl."

I think she was real. She came across as true. But she had to put in the obligatory "this is why I love America". She did her job and I hope it worked. I hope she only does what she feels so when it's all over she'll never feel as if she had to be someone other than herself to be accepted.

She looked great, just a little apologetic.

Second, good coverage was hard to find. I left MSNBC when they had technical difficulties during Nancy Pelosi's speech. I wandered upon C-Span and now I'm hooked. No pundits after the big speakers, just crowd shots which give you a chance to formulate your own thoughts. PLUS, they show EVERY SPEAKER. On regular cable most people didn't hear Barack's sisters speech or Jesse Jackson Jrs. speech which were both great. Check them out.

This was a major night, a major speech and Michelle did not strike out. It will just be a few days before we can tell if she hit a homerun or a single.

Did you watch?


Smell Goods Lady said...

Yes. I agree, I thought the same about Michelle. That little Sasha is a trip. BTW, do you have TV-One? I am watching the DNC on there.

Del's Baby Girl said...

Quit teasing me!!! You know you can't get TVOne when there's only 10 Black people in your city! LOL.

I heard they were doing it up over there. Glad you're keeping up ma!