Friday, August 22, 2008

Homeschool Friday--The details

The schedule I posted is our basic day.

In Class Block 1 we focus on reading/vocabulary and religious training.

In Class Block 2 we focus on counting and math logic.

Class Block 3 is social studies which includes some geography, family history, learning about herself (address, birthday, etc.)

The time that she is with her father includes him transporting her to an afterschool program that we selected. It is across town and is all Black with all Black teachers. Her teacher is a elementary school librarian. She gets one hour of free play and has one hour of homework time there and a snack. They are old school so they feed the children dinner too sometimes. It's in a community center that we have made donations to as a company and have fallen in love with them and their mission.

Also my husband teaches her science and art some afternoons (he gets to be the fun parent).

That's how we work it. We both work our business and it takes orchestration to get it all done.

We write, edit and layout a 16 page newspaper every two weeks, sell the ads (with two helpers), distribute to over 200 locations (with one helper), book and host a weekly one hour radio show, cover stories and homeschool. That does not include our alone time together which we squeeze in when we can.

Adding a dedicated hour of housekeeping to my schedule is making a dramatic difference already. I'm sure you mother's know how much you can accomplish in an hour. I've been able to tackle some projects that I'd pushed aside for lack of time. And knowing that I can pick it up the next day if I don't complete it has given me some encouragement. For a while I'd push it all housekeeping to the weekend and it didn't leave me any time to do fun stuff.

I am hopeful that sticking to this schedule through December will produce positive results for us to build upon.

Did I mention I am working with another mother to start a Black home school association here? We have about 10 families so far but we're not organized yet.

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Smell Goods Lady said...

Awesome, a black homeschool association! Do your thing girl! Yes, you can accomplish a lot in an hour. Black women are the bomb! We can keep it all together and still enjoy our lives, when we realize the power that has been put in us to do it, and when we are selfless.

Cheering you along Mama!