Thursday, August 28, 2008

Faith restored!

I skipped out on posting yesterday. I was sooooooo uninspired by Hillary. She did what I expected. She is a career politician and did the noble thing (when your back is against a wall). She endorsed the victor. The speech was very much like her concession speech.

The best thing she did was acknowledge the death of Stephanie Tubbs Jones. I was waiting for that. I've been watching almost all of the speeches and she was the first major acknowledgment.

But Wednesday........Bill came with it. He was believable. He seemed to be saying, "I fought the good fight, now its over. We're family again." Hillary still seemed a little bitter. Bill was ready to rock this thing for the Dems.

Biden won me over. I was scared of his mouth. I'm still a bit afraid. But overall, he came off real. And he came off as generous. My fear of any VP would be that they would try to not be "the white man behind the first Black president" and try to upstage Barack and have in-fighting ruin their chances. I don't think Biden is going to do that. He seems grateful for his 3rd chance. (He ran for president twice already). He was generous by using almost 10 minutes of his acceptance speech to campaign.

This convention started slow for me but it's picking up steam and I expect Barack to give up the "hope" speech and give us some concrete reasons why he is the clear choice.

DON'T DISAPPOINT ME BARACK! (You know he reads my blog on his iPhone, LOL)

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Don said...

Del's baby girl really put her foot inside this post. I agree, Hillary is still bitter. Bill made a great speech. Biden is something else with himself. And Michelle and Barack are master inspirators.

Obama 'o8
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