Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Green Monday on Tuesday

As you can tell, I'm enjoying my summer. I'm traveling, rejuvenating and reconnecting with some old friends courtesy of an alumni website for my university. But anyway.......

It's been easy for me to jump start my personal green initiative because I live in an "conscious community".

This is the back of my town house. It looks a hot mess but there's a reason for all the cans.

We have two for garbage. One for paper, aluminum and plastic recyclables. A mini for the glass. And another can for yard waste (grass, leaves, etc.) They are called Herbie's, Rosie's and Lenny's.

It takes us about two weeks to fill both garbage cans and about three weeks to fill the recycle one. The yard waste we only put out 2-3 times per year (we only have a patch of grass in front and back). To save energy we only put the cans out when full.

Our community even recycles the garbage bins as they wear out. They make them into compost bins and give them away 3-4 times per year. The yard waste is turned into damp brown mulch (which helps fight weeds in the garden) and is given away a few times each year.

Do you have convenient community recycling? Do you use it Don? LOL!

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