Friday, July 18, 2008

Back together again!

I've had a rocky adult life.

I am now, and have been for a few years now, at a point of stability. I got married in 2000. We relocated and have lived in the same city and house since 2002. Been in business since 2003 and had a beautiful healthy daughter in 2004.

Since about 1998 I've been getting myself back together. But I have just realized how much I missed my college friends.

After about a 10 year hiatus I am realizing how close we all were. I kind of dropped out because I needed to lean more on my family. I am fortunate that I still could contact my friends and we picked up like we never missed a day.

But life has taken us through some highs and lows.

I have a friend who is a mother and wife who now has MS.

I have another friend who has MS and had to adopt.

I have friends who suffered miscarriages, still births and tubal pregnancies.

I have friends who are cancer survivors.

I have friends who have had kidney transplants.

But most of all I have friends who have SURVIVED.

We have dread locs, natural twists, relaxers, blond hair and gray hair.

We are married, divorced and single.

We have one, two, three children and step children.

We are friends.

Who love each other, love to laugh and will stay together forever and never let one fall out of touch again!


Brother OMi said...

this needs to be a movie. you get tired of watching fantasy movies about friends.

this is life. its real. and we can all learn from it.

Don said...

Great, great post. i too share the experiences that you speak on. but, in the end, we are all survivors.

You appear to be a great friend, sister p.

Sister P said...

@Omi-It would be a great story to see on the big screen. Better than those overscripted TP movies.

@Don-I am a better friend today than yesterday. I really appreciate them now.

Don said...

And today is all that counts. Good deal, P.