Monday, June 16, 2008

Wake up call!

This week I had two wake up calls.

I have been working to lose weight and improve my health. When I weighed in on Tuesday, I had gained four pounds.

I always want to know "the reason" anything happens. So I went back through my food journal and couldn't find anything wrong. But then I thought about my week. The week before, I had to deal with a troublesome employee ( to say the least). It caused me to put in extra hours at my desk and lose some sleep time. Consequently, my feet and ankles and hands were swollen from lack of rest and circulation. I fired that person and resolved to not let any drama linger to the point that it is interfering with my family or my well being!

Then on Friday, Tim Russert died. Everyone commented on his commitment to his job and his family and how he loved his job so much that he spent countless hours on research and promotion of his show. That sound too familiar.

I have been working hard at not working so hard since April. It's tough to walk away sometimes, but my life depends on it!

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